See the Big Picture

We give you the 80% of customer data others can’t

More than 80% of enterprise data is “unstructured,” stored in tweets, emails, texts, blogs, web sites and other text-based conversations that traditional analytics systems just can’t process. Which begs the question: how many opportunities are you missing because you don’t have the big picture? Attensity’s customer intelligence solution is big picture software built on decades of expertise in extracting timely, relevant insights from millions of text-based conversations. At lightning speed. With Attensity, you get the other 80% of the picture, so you can make better decisions, faster.

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Solve High-Value Business Challenges

Get the customer intelligence you need to steer your business

Are you making billion dollar business decisions using $10 a month software? There are hundreds of free and low-cost social media monitoring, voice of the customer and other tools available to analyze customer feedback. Attensity is a world-class customer intelligence platform built from the ground up to solve your most complex business challenges at massive scale. That’s why many of the world’s leading brands use Attensity to reduce risk, grow revenue, prevent churn, and solve other high-value business challenges.

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Start Connecting the Dots

Discover the emerging patterns and themes that impact your business

A tweet from a competitor. A comment on a blog. Chatter in a forum. A news article, an internal email or notes from a support case. On their own, each of these data points can look like minor blips on your customer radar. But when you connect the dots, suddenly you discover an emerging theme or trend. The question is, did you spot it in time? With Attensity, you will. Attensity looks across all your company data sources, internal and external, structured and unstructured, allowing you to discover customer insights faster, before they impact your business. See how others are using Attensity.

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Go Beyond Feedback to Intent

Get the insights you need to affect tomorrow’s outcome

Most analytics systems are designed to provide a view of what happened yesterday, last month or last quarter. As long as you’re looking back, they work just fine. You don’t need another look back. What you need is a better view into the emerging trends that are shaping your business now. That’s what Attensity delivers. Our customer intelligence software sifts through massive amounts of data in real time, from millions of online and internal sources, and helps you identify the emerging themes and trends that will impact your business tomorrow, so you can make better decisions today.

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The world of text analysis as it ties into customer intelligence may seem daunting. And it shouldn´t. Take a look at some of our resources to help make sense of howto solve big business problems using Attensity´s patented natural language processing technology. We want you to be at the forefront of Customer Intelligence, and we´re here to assist!