Charles Schwab

August 21, 2010


The Charles Schwab Corporation, based in San Francisco, California, is a company founded as a traditional  brokerage house, and which today is one of the world’s largest discount brokers. The company serves some 7.9 million client brokerage accounts, with $1.49 trillion in assets (as of March 31, 2010), from some 300 offices in the U.S. Charles Schwab launched a Voice of the Customer program and wanted to analyze survey responses along with text from notes and comment fields in its sales and contact center applications.


Charles Schwab selected AttensityAnalyze to be a central part of their efforts to understand and act on customer feedback. With hundreds of thousands of customer interactions per month, the need to understand customer issues, act on signs of dissatisfaction and churn and drive sales and service interactions can be the difference between success and failure. With Attensity they are able to capture these interactions through customer service notes, emails, survey responses and online discussions and analyze them so they can drive customer retention and growth.

Attensity Analyze enables them to analyze customer feedback to drive proactive programs and understand emerging issues and opportunities, to communicate at the client segment level on a daily basis key issue and opportunities, to integrate this valuable customer feedback into their SAS analytics platform on their Teradata data warehouse to expand the customer signature and to deepen customer loyalty analytics.

After the successful implementation project, Attensity has become a central part of the customer analytics equation at this investment services firm. Now an integral part of the customer program planning and churn identification effort, the firm has seen improved satisfaction and has been able to mitigate churn via direct broker communications with customers and various marketing programs. Customer satisfaction and specifically the reasons why customers are not happy are directly monitored and specific issues addressed. Issues can include problems with services, communication, collateral and specific individual interactions. Attensity also helps the firm dig deep into their Net Promoter™ Program results — uncovering the reasons why customers give low scores and identify as “detractors.” In the past, the firm took almost 1 year to conclude the same information around customer satisfaction issues concluded using Attensity over the course of less than a week of analysis. Attensity has also been able to impact changes in various customer communications including helping to make important changes to accounts statements and broker communications.

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