Attensity At Teradata Partners Demonstrating Real-Time Social Analytics on Aster Data – Now That’s BIG DATA!

Attensity and Teradata have built a strong partnership over the years with many joint customers and projects around the world. Tonight (Sunday evening 10/2/2011) kicked-off Teradata Partners User Group Conference & Expo 2011, and we are excited to once again showcase our commitment to Teradata at the event this week in San Diego.

In fact, Attensity and Teradata share more than a few customers, including well-known corporate brands like Travelocity, RBC and Lloyds Banking Group – we also share a commitment to offering the technology stack necessary for organizations to be able to leverage customer data so that those organizations can deliver an optimal customer experience.  At the event this week we will be showcasing our latest joint offering that does just that.

At Attensity, we believe the companies that can quickly identify and respond to the massive volumes of actionable customer data and sentiment being generated in social media will have a significant advantage over their competitors. The Aster MapReduce Platform from Teradata is a critical component of that strategy. That’s why Attensity announced today the ability to deliver large-scale analysis of real-time social media conversations on the Aster MapReduce Platform, a “big data” analytics solution.

Teradata’s Aster MapReduce Platform is a massively parallel processing system designed for iterative, ultra-fast analysis that easily scales to terabytes of data and beyond. Now that’s BIG DATA! Attensity’s semantic engine automatically reads the unstructured text of social media conversations from over 75 million different social media and other online sources, as well as internal sources such as emails, surveys and CRM notes, extracting key business insights and data. The insights can then be fed into the Aster solution leveraging Aster’s Applications-Within™ architecture, which enables analytic software to be processed inside the analytic platform in a massively parallel processing fashion. Companies can then use the analytics to identify threats, spot opportunities, generate automatic alerts, kick off business processes, and engage proactively with customers.

An exciting offering that gives companies the ability to engage in a real-time understanding of their customers. Check it out at our booth (#403) this week!

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