We're excited to announce that inContact (NASDAQ: SAAS) has acquired the DiscoverCore, Analyze, and DiscoverNow technologies from Attensity - combining the most powerful and accurate Natural Language Processing (NLP) and sentiment analysis capabilities in the market with the Cloud Contact Center leader. inContact makes it easy and affordable for organizations around the globe to create stand-out customer experiences while meeting key business metrics. DiscoverNow customers, plus DiscoverCore and Analyze customers with on-premises deployments, will now receive support from inContact. All other customers will continue to be supported by Attensity. For more information about the inContact Customer Interaction Platform as a Service, please visit www.incontact.com

  • 1 More than 80% of critical enterprise data is stored in unstructured, text-based documents and conversations that can’t be mined by traditional data analytics systems.
  • 2 At least 60% of the customer journey happens before a prospect ever engages directly with your company.

We help business leaders across the enterprise address these key challenges by delivering timely, relevant insights from millions of online and offline text-based sources. Attensity takes you beyond big data analytics to give you the total big picture. We process massive volumes of text-based conversations to help you identify trends, spot patterns, and solve the complex, high-value challenges other systems can’t touch.


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Our Vision

From our origins in natural language processing for large government applications, to working with global brands to understand true customer intent, Attensity’s core vision is to help our customers derive relevant, timely insights from the mass of written communications. Whether it’s an internal email or instant message, a social media stream, a customer support case or a blog, web page or chat record, Attensity has developed an unparalleled ability to accurately read text, understand its context and extract the insights that matter most to your particular company and industry. The results: actionable, complete and accurate intelligence that helps you drive your business forward.


The Attensity Difference

Attensity is the world leader in deriving meaningful insights from text-based data. Our software combines the world’s most sophisticated text analytics and natural language processing techniques with the latest big data processing technologies to expose to you the 80% of information that’s missing from today’s structured data analytics systems. In over a dozen languages. We integrate data from millions of sources, both internal and external, public and private data sources to identify themes and patterns as they emerge, before they impact your business. So you can get ahead of the curve and make proactive, informed decisions.

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