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Attensity Analyze is the most comprehensive solution for uncovering insights from the massive volumes of customer interactions you have every day. Transform unstructured text in documents, emails, reviews, surveys, web pages, databases, forums, blogs, social media and other sources into actionable intelligence to inform your corporate strategies.

Attensity’s patented Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, multiple linguistic engines, knowledge engineering and sophisticated categorization provide a rich analysis platform. Attensity Analyze delivers precision analytics that track and analyze raw text to uncover business insights about your brands, products, competitors, customers and industry.

This Best Practices solution for Text Analytics Includes:

Unlimited Text Sources

Monitor, analyze and visualize any number of unstructured text sources.

Detailed Annotation and Enrichment

Attensity Analyze provides a detailed analysis of raw text to determine the following:

  • Context: suggestions, questions, feelings, commands, requests, intent and response
  • Events: What happened? What caused it? Who did it happen to?
  • Entities: people, places, things, locations, dates and time

Linguistic Knowledge Models

The linguistic knowledge models are the detailed dictionaries that provide context for industry, marketplace, and customer set. Powerful knowledge engineering allows organizations to create and update linguistic knowledge models.

Dynamic Discovery

Attensity Analyze helps you uncover hidden connections and surprises by showing you events, patterns, trends, anomalies, relationships and themes as they evolve, known or not. 

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