They’re Talking About You

Learn what customers are not telling you

At least 80% of enterprise data is unstructured, stored in text-based documents and conversations happening with and about your business every day. Regardless of whether your customers are talking directly to you, be assured they are talking about you. In both public and private channels. Online and offline. In multiple languages, across multiple time zones. Twenty four hours a day, 7 days a week.

The question is: are you analyzing those conversations, or are you making decisions based on only 20% of the data?

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Any Text, Anywhere


Analyze conversations from public and private sources

Attensity Analyze is the world’s leading solution for analyzing text and language from the massive volumes of customer conversations that happen with and about your business every day. With Attensity Analyze, you can mine the unstructured text stored in millions of both private and public sources, including:

  • Internal documents
  • Emails and text messages
  • Notes and support tickets in your CRM system
  • Freeform survey responses
  • Online reviews, comments and forums
  • Web pages, news sites and blogs
  • Social media posts

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Industry-Leading Accuracy

Automatically understands context and relevance

As conversations stream in, Attensity Analyze uses the world’s most sophisticated natural language processing technology to automatically filter, tag and analyze the data stream. Based on decades of research and development, Attensity’s powerful language analysis goes beyond typical keyword approaches, understanding the context and “voice” of customer conversations to deliver business insights with industry-leading accuracy and relevance, such as:

  • Customer behavior profiling
  • Detailed sentiment analysis
  • Root cause of issues
  • Intent to purchase or churn
  • Emerging trends, opportunities and issues
  • Predictive analytics
  • and more

Drag-and-Drop Visualization and Reporting Widgets

With its turnkey reporting wizard and analysis tools, Analyze offers a drag-and-drop approach and out-of-the-box widgets that allow users to quickly and easily build ad hoc reports around key themes, such as customer sentiment, product and service issues, intent to churn, emerging trends, and more. In addition, a comprehensive set of out-of-the-box reports and dashboards help users to start gaining insights in a matter of minutes.

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