Attensity Team | May 21 , 2012

Attensity Command Center to Deliver Real-Time Social Analytics at EMC World 2012

Live Command Center Screens to Deliver Up-to-the-Second Social Analytics Reports at Annual Conference

EMC World 2012

This week, over 15,000 people will gather at EMC World 2012, EMC’s annual conference  in Las Vegas, where the Attensity Command Center will provide real-time social media analytics for the conference. Attensity Command Center screens positioned throughout the conference will feature live, continuously updated reports of social media conversations taking place around the event, as well as on other EMC-related topics.

Can’t make the conference? Attensity will host a webinar with EMC on May 30 at 11:00AM PT / 2:00PM ET that will provide a case study on how EMC is using the Attensity Command Center for real-time social media analytics.

Register here for the complimentary webinar.

The Attensity Command Center pulls data from over 150 million social media and online sources, including the full Twitter Firehose, Facebook, forums, blogs, online news, video sites, review sites and more. Using Attensity’s semantic technology, this data is filtered, tagged and enriched in real time to identify key business metrics, then delivered via dynamic reports displayed on multiple large screens on the conference floor.

“EMC is on a social listening journey, with the goal of making social media engagement a part of our core business processes,” says Keith Paul, Chief Listener at EMC. “We chose the Attensity Command Center for its unique ability to go beyond social monitoring to deliver detailed, real-time analysis of social customer conversations. We look forward to taking advantage of the Command Center on an ongoing basis and around other special events.”

In addition to EMC World, the Attensity Social Media Command Center will be used to analyze social media conversations about EMC and its customers during the U.S. Open golf tournament to take place June 11-17 at The Olympic Club in San Francisco. EMC is a sponsor of the tournament.



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