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Attensity Pipeline

Real-time Content Processing Stream

Enterprise organizations recognize that today’s analytic customers and observers are actively talking about their products and services on millions of sites across the social web. Buried in these conversations are valuable insights that can have a significant impact on their business.

The Attensity Pipeline provides a real-time, SaaS-based, semantically annotated content processing stream to meet the demands of today’s corporate environments. The Pipeline’s content is the foundation for Attensity’s family of data analytics solutions.

The Attensity Pipeline collects data from more than 550 million social media and online sources including Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus posts, YouTube, Reddit, blogs, forums, and video and review sites. It uses the full power of Attensity’s patented semantic engines to transform the chaos of social chatter into actionable information for the enterprise. This backend component enables both deep analytics, and routing and response to be performed against the universe of social media conversations in seconds, as they happen.

Unlike other social data feeds, the Attensity Pipeline goes beyond mere data sifting to code every useful entity, relationship, event, and category in a document, and makes the data immediately actionable for business users. To streamline critical insights, the Attensity Pipeline is used by teams to accelerate business priorities. It is a natural fit for users to process and deliver insights to key stakeholders managing corporate brands and identifying beneficial or adverse effects about key product features.

Key capabilities of the Attensity Pipeline include:

  • Filtering to eliminate irrelevant results and spam
  • Automatic identification, extraction, and tagging of the key sentiments, people, places, products, companies, events and relationships found in the data using Attensity’s patented natural language processing engines
  • Additional data augmentation, including geographics, demographics, and influencer metrics

The Attensity Pipeline normalizes all data to make consuming the data much simpler, allowing the Pipeline to act as a single social data feed for the entire enterprise, replacing the need for multiple feeds for various point solutions in different departments. Results from the Attensity Pipeline are currently fed to Attensity Analyze and Attensity Q. These applications, in turn, can also feed into other business applications such as CRM, business intelligence and data warehousing systems.

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