Attensity Team | Mar 11 , 2013

Attensity Respond 6.0 Improves Multi-Channel Engagement in Social Customer Contact Centers

We’re excited to announce the release of Attensity Respond 6.0, a new release of Attensity’s Respond application designed to address the specific challenges facing the next generation of multi-channel social customer contact centers and marketers in large corporate environments.

Respond 6.0 provides a unified customer listening post where customer requests in social media as well as in emails, and other channels are automatically —and intelligently— analyzed, classified and routed to appropriate departments for response. These communications can take the form of cries for help, product issues, service feedback, intent to churn, or other events such as sign-ups, cancellations, or complaints about competitors. Respond is also one of the few applications certified by Twitter as part of its new Certified Product Program for social engagement.

Customer service is shifting to social channels, so it’s critical for companies to invest in improving their social listening, analytical, and routing capabilities in order to strengthen customer relationships. In the new social contact center, corporations have a unique opportunity to leverage customer conversations as a business asset to drive revenue and reduce churn. Attensity Respond 6.0 enables them to break through the social noise to identify actionable conversations and efficiently drive key engagement processes.

Attensity Respond 6.0 screenshot

Attensity Respond 6.0 offers:

  • A new web-based, fully ADA-compliant and iPad compatible user interface designed for more effective action
  • Enhanced reliability and performance
  • Improved auto-categorization to classify incoming documents with industry-leading accuracy
  • Enhanced supervisory reporting and monitoring capabilities
  • Multi-channel support, with access to the full Twitter Firehose data stream, publicly available posts on Facebook, Google+ and YouTube, blogs, reviews, surveys, and private and public forums and communities, as well as to internal communications, such as email, including full cross-channel ticketing for tracking of each customer’s communications as they move across channels
  • More connectors and enhanced integration with enterprise systems, such as Jive forums and
  • Blended queues to enable each agent pool to support multiple social channels seamlessly
  • Auto-swap out of Twitter handles, based on loads – which is especially useful for organizations responding to hundreds of communications per hour

We will host a complimentary webinar to discuss Respond 6.0 and its capabilities on Tuesday, March 19, at 11am Pacific Time. Register for free at:


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