Attensity for Customer Service

Integrate social media into your customer service processes

Customer service leaders recognize that the next generation contact center must have the ability to analyze and respond to customer conversations across multiple channels. That used to mean email and web as well as phone, but today those conversations are also taking place on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as in online reviews, comments on blogs, and directly with the company in surveys and call notes. For industry leading brands, the ability to analyze and respond across all of these channels can mean the difference between winning and retaining customers, or losing them to the competition.

Attensity for Customer Service Leaders

That’s why industry leaders like Charles Schwab, Citigroup, JetBlue, Lloyd’s Banking Group, Siemens, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Travelocity and Whirlpool use Attensity’s world-class social analytics and engagement platform for their social customer initiatives. Using Attensity, customer service organizations can:

  • Identify top product and service issues
  • Drill down into the details of specific issues
  • Detect early warning of potential issues before they become problems
  • Queue and route issues to the appropriate agent
  • Prevent churn by delivering proactive response via the customer’s channel of choice
  • Improve agent productivity and reduce costs with automated workflow and processes

Attensity’s integrated suite of applications allow customer service leaders to listen, analyze, relate and act on customer conversations, no matter where they take place – internally in CRM notes, emails and customer surveys, or externally on blogs, review sites or social media networks.

  • Attensity Analyze gives customer service organizations the tools to analyze subscriber conversations across external media, including review sites, blogs, forums, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube videos, mainstream news sites and more, as well as the free form notes stored in internal sources such as CRM/contact center notes, surveys and incoming emails, and relate those conversations to your internal data on sales figures, inventory numbers, customer service records and more. A wide variety of out of the box reports help you track and analyze ongoing relevant conversations about your brands, products, competitors, and more, identify influential opinion leaders and sources, and understand sentiment and issues, along with industry trends.
  • Attensity Respond is a comprehensive solution for the next generation, multi-channel contact center that lets you integrate social media seamlessly into your contact center, and gives social media teams an easy to use, powerful tools proactively respond to customer conversations when and where those conversations take place. A comprehensive knowledge repository guides agents to the right answers, while automated workflow and response capabilities significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your contact center operations.

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