We solve targeted, high-value customer challenges

Attensity’s customer intelligence solutions are built to solve your most complex, high-value business challenges. Our solutions are used by global brands to address the needs of enterprise leaders to grow revenue, manage risk, delight customers, reduce costs and protect brand value.

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Sales Acceleration

Buyers are signaling their intent to purchase

Are you listening? Shorten sales cycles, sell, upsell and cross-sell more effectively, and stop wasting your sales resources on cold leads with Attensity’s Sales Acceleration Solution. Analyze millions of online and offline data sources, from reviews to social media posts to survey feedback and more, to rapidly identify which customers are signaling their intent to buy. Pinpoint the products and services they are researching, along with their timeframe and desired features. Armed with real-time, detailed intelligence, your sales team can then reach out with the right offer at the right time, using the channels where your prospects are most likely to be receptive to an offer.


Risk Management

Detect potential risks, opportunities and threats to your business

Attensity’s Risk Management solution helps organizations recover the 5% of revenues lost by the typical business each year to fraud, as well as the millions of dollars spent on product recalls, medical and legal complaints, and other non-fraudulent events. By integrating both public and private data sources, Attensity gives you a much more accurate picture of your business. With Attensity, you can scour millions of customer intelligence sources like emails, social media posts, public records, web sites and more to spot issues that can quickly drive up your company’s risk profile and costs, and wreak havoc on your brand. Attensity acts like an early warning system, alerting you to the red flags that let you take action early to limit your company’s exposure and costs, and strengthen your brand.


Product Feedback

Deliver products that inspire brand loyalty

Like sales cycles, product development cycles are shrinking rapidly. When the pressure is on to deliver new features and products more often, how do you determine what customers actually want? Attensity’s Product Feedback solution can help. Quickly analyze customer conversations and feedback about your products across multiple channels. Discover the features they value most, and the ones that cause user frustration. Attensity gives you the key information you need to understand which features and products will best fit your customers’ needs today, and which trends will shape their buying preferences tomorrow. With Attensity, you can develop targeted, personalized products that inspire loyalty and generate revenue, while avoiding costly product launches that miss the mark.


Competitive Radar

Stop guessing and start actively profiling your competitors

Did one of your competitors just change their pricing? Launch a new marketing campaign? Hire a new executive? What are customers saying about their products? Which media sources are writing about your market, and what are they saying? It can take a small army of researchers working 24/7 to keep track of changing patterns across multiple competitors and markets. With Attensity, it happens easily and automatically. Track competitor moves and quickly adapt to market changes. Get the detailed intelligence you need to effectively plan your next campaign, product or sales initiative. Spot emerging trends and act before your competition knows what happened. Get ahead of the curve and stay there, and let others wonder why you continue to win.


Customer Journey

Understand what customers aren’t telling you

As much as 60% of the customer journey takes place before a customer ever engages with your company. Go beyond analyzing direct customer feedback to understanding all the different actions and steps your customers took before they became customers. With Attensity’s Customer Journey solution, you’ll get a clear view of the buyer’s journey, from research and consideration, to purchase and post-purchase reviews. Across multiple channels. From millions of sources. Get the big picture of why customers buy, then drill down for detailed insights on specific features, services and interactions with your company. Find your most valuable advocates and cultivate them. Reach out to dissatisfied customers and turn a negative experience into a positive one. You’ll come away with a fresh perspective on what you need to do to improve the experience throughout the entire customer journey.


Customer Success

Spot potential churn before it happens, and increase customer lifetime value

Customer churn is an increasingly important measure of a company’s health, with churn rates regularly scrutinized at investor and board meetings. Waiting until a customer contacts your company to cancel service or return a product leaves you with few choices to turn the situation around. Attensity’s Customer Success solution goes beyond typical customer satisfaction indexes, giving you the insights you need to analyze the entire customer journey. With Attensity, you can deliver more of the features, products and services customers love, and identify the behaviors that predict their next move. Analyze conversations directly with your company or indirectly with their social peers that flag and issue or predict a departure. Your agents can then reach out and engage them before it’s too late. The result: lower churn and happier, more profitable and loyal customers.


Reputation Management

Understand and strengthen your brand’s impact and value

Your brand’s perceived value has a direct impact on your business performance. Social listening tools can deliver the chatter stream, but how do you know what conversations to look for, and where? What about employees, are you able to include their conversations in your analysis? Attensity goes beyond social listening and keyword searches, helping you to discover emerging themes and trends across millions of sources, online and offline, that can impact your brand reputation. Find negative reviews and reach out to engage. Reward loyal customers for their brand advocacy with a special offer. Discover what your customers wish you would do, and mine their suggestions for your next marketing campaign. With Attensity, you can transform a static brand image into a dynamic, engaged community. Now that’s priceless.

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