We are proud to be a member of the following organizations:

BITKOM – BITKOM is the voice of the information technology, telecommunications, and new media industry in Germany. BITKOM represents more than 1,200 companies, with 900 direct members, including practically all German global players as well as 600 key midsize companies. BITKOM’s membership generates a sales volume of 135 billion Euros annually, exporting 50 billion Euros worth of high technology each year. BITKOM thus represents 90 percent of the German ICT market.

DFKI – The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI GmbH), with facilities in Kaiserslautern, Saarbrücken, Bremen and a project office in Berlin, is the country’s leading research center in the area of innovative software technology for commercial application. In the international scientific community, DFKI is recognized as one of the most important “Centers of Excellence” in the world for its proven ability to rapidly bring leading edge research to commercially relevant application solutions.

Eclipse Foundation – Eclipse is an open source community, whose projects are focused on building an open development platform comprised of extensible frameworks, tools and runtimes for building, deploying and managing software across the lifecycle. The Eclipse Foundation is a not-for-profit, member supported corporation that hosts the Eclipse projects and helps cultivate both an open source community and an ecosystem of complementary products and services. Having joined this very successful community as member, we act as solutions member for Eclipse RCP.

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft – The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is the largest organization for applied research in Europe. Fraunhofer undertakes applied research of direct utility to private and public enterprise and of wide benefit to society. “Fraunhofer IAIS” explores and develops innovative systems to analyze data and to make information available – in software and hardware.

KVD – Kundendienst-Verband Deutschland e.V. is the largest and most important professional association for managers in customer service throughout Europe. A wide range of services provides 1500 members with a strong portfolio.

mumasy – Within the VDMA (see below), we are active in the project “Technical Product Documentation” and is involved in the development of a new standard called “mumasy” for creating and exchanging technical product documentation. Our collaboration ensures our customers fast access to the latest solutions in technical documentation.

Semantic Exchange – Semantic Exchange is a collaborative industry news, research, and education initiative about all things web 3.0 and semantic web, and sponsored by industry leading semantic technology providers. Among more than 30 companies, we are the first German company to join this initiative.

SOCAP – SOCAP International represents a thriving global profession of best-in-class customer care experts across all industries. SOCAP is a member-driven organization committed to promoting customer care and customer engagement as a competitive advantage in business. The Association’s members include vice presidents, directors, managers and supervisors of customer care and consumer affairs from top Fortune/Forbes 1000 companies as well as hundreds of business partner organizations.

tekom – tekom is the German professional association for technical communication. It is a platform for the exchange of information and experience, and promotes the training and advanced qualification and further professionalisation of its members. tekom is actively committed to increasing the standing and position of technical communication in companies and among the public.

VDMA – The VDMA represents 3,000 mainly small/medium size member companies in the engineering industry, making it one of the largest and most important industrial associations in Europe. The VDMA sector “Software” with its about 300 members represent the interests of software providers and suppliers, in the field of large industrial goods, to improve the collaboration between software and mechanical engineering companies.

W3C – The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international consortium where Member organizations, a full-time staff, and the public work together to develop Web standards. W3C’s mission is to lead the World Wide Web to its full potential by developing protocols and guidelines that ensure long-term growth for the Web. More than 400 organizations are members of this consortium

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