The Attensity Group Global Partner Network

The Attensity Group Global Partner Network plays a primary role in meeting our customer’s dynamic needs by delivering a variety of complementary applications, integration services and technology expertise that extend and enhance the business value of the Attensity Group solutions. By partnering with us, you join a group of solution providers who share a philosophy of delivering maximum return for customers with a minimum investment in time and resources.

The Attensity Group Global Partner Network offers a variety of programs, partnering tiers, and tools to create mutually beneficial business relationships with its partners. These programs are designed to fit each partner’s respective business needs with tiered sales targets and revenue sharing opportunities. Key benefits of partnering with the Attensity Group include:

  • Customer Value: Customers can now find complete answers by using ALL of their data
  • Increased Sales: Building structured facts from unstructured data increases the need for advanced enterprise data warehouse, business intelligence and analytic tools
  • Innovative Solutions: Create new product offerings that leverage the power of online data including blog, email, forum, and online reviews for analytics, research and service delivery
  • Customer Engagement: Provide meaningful opportunities to reengage with customers with new, strategic solutions that drive business value.

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