Attensity’s Social Analytics Suite

Attensity’s industry leading suite of social analytics and engagement applications is built on our world-class text analytics platform and offers organizations the key capabilities they need to leverage customer conversations as a business asset.

  • Attensity Q™ is a real-time streaming analytics solution that addresses multiple research problems faced by customer-experience driven professionals. This new solution provides an easy-to-use, intuitive topic creator with accessible NLP. Attensity Q surfaces unknown business themes with quotable business metrics and real-time visualizations. Attensity Q enables one to be proactive, ask open-ended questions and be alerted to changes in real-time rather than after-the-fact searching. Attensity Q will automatically alert users to negative situations by detecting spikes in issue-related negative sentiment, high volume, and trending hotspots as the event is unfolding. Such alerts can be set on the topic’s volume, sentiment shift, trends, and significant influencers.
  • The Attensity Pipeline collects data from more than 150 million social media and online sources and uses the full power of Attensity’s patented semantic engines to transform the chaos of social chatter into actionable information for the enterprise. This backend component enables both deep analytics, and routing and response to be performed against the universe of social media conversations in seconds, as they happen.
  • Attensity Command Center goes beyond social media monitoring to deliver real-time social analytics in a Command Center view that tells you at a glance what customers are saying right now about your company, products and brands.
  • Attensity Analyze is the industry’s most powerful and accurate sentiment analytics solution that allows organizations to easily extract insights from customer conversations from a variety of social, online and internal sources to help you better listen to and understand the voice of your customers.
  • Attensity Respond closes the loop by enabling social media teams and customer service organizations to proactively engage with customers on any social network from a single user interface. Users can organize conversations into queues based on the content of the message, then route them to the right individual to respond.

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