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Analyze the Voice of the Customer Across Multiple Channels

“Analyze 6.0′s new and enhanced sentiment, deep analytics, visualization, and profiling capabilities, for social and enterprise information sources, are just what the market is looking for in enterprise-capable solutions.”
— Seth Grimes, principal analyst, Alta Plana Corp.

Attensity Analyze is the next generation in customer analytics applications that help organizations leverage the voice of the customer as a business asset. Used by the world’s leading brands, Attensity Analyze sets new industry standards for accuracy, scalability and ease of use, making it possible for large enterprise organizations to analyze high volumes of customer conversations across multiple channels —including social media, emails, survey responses, text messages, CRM notes and more— and quickly extract valuable insights to drive business decisions.

Attensity Analyze 6.0

Analyze Online and Social Media Conversations

Attensity Analyze lets you monitor and analyze millions of online sources for customer intelligence. Attensity Analyze continuously monitors and analyzes social media conversations in review sites, blogs, forums (user forums, discussion forums, LinkedIn Answers, etc), Twitter, Facebook, YouTube videos, mainstream news and more. It delivers a wide variety of out of the box web-based reports  that help you track and analyze ongoing relevant conversations about your brands, products, competitors, and more, identify influential opinion leaders and sources, understand sentiment and issues, and keep on top of industry trends.

Analyze Internal Conversation Sources

Attensity Analyze is the most comprehensive, accurate solution on the market today for understanding multi-channel customer conversations. Using our world-class text analytics platform, Attensity transforms the text in emails, surveys, CRM and call center notes, and other sources into actionable insights that reveal customer sentiments and trends. Attensity can also extend the value of your existing data warehouses and business intelligence systems to deliver key business insights.

Attensity Analyze accurately and automatically identifies the many different “voices” that customers use to express their feedback (e.g., negative voice, positive voice, intent, etc.), which helps you more clearly identify key events and relationships, such as intent-to-buy, intent-to-churn and customer “wish” events.

Industry’s Most Accurate Analytics

Attensity Analyze includes sophisticated analytics that make it possible for organizations to extract unprecedented business insights from customer conversations, including:

  • Customer behavior profiling
  • Detailed sentiment analysis
  • Root cause of issues
  • Hotspotting (emerging issues)
  • Net Promoter© analysis
  • Predictive analytics
  • and more
Drag-and-Drop Visualization and Reporting Widgets

With its turnkey reporting wizard and analysis tools, Analyze offers a drag-and-drop approach and out-of-the-box widgets that allow users to quickly and easily build ad hoc reports around key themes, such as customer sentiment, product and service issues, intent to churn, emerging trends, and more. In addition, a comprehensive set of out-of-the-box reports and dashboards help users to start gaining insights in a matter of minutes.

Built for Big Data

Analyze helps large enterprise organizations deliver a superior customer experience, including expanded features that allow for wide-scale sharing while protecting the security of sensitive customer data. In addition, the Attensity Data Grid proprietary data store is  coupled with Analyze to provide unprecedented performance and scale. The combination of the solution and the Data Grid computing system allows companies to transform millions of multi-channel customer conversations into actionable insights.


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