Attensity Respond

Enterprise Multi-Channel Social Engagement

Attensity Respond is an enterprise-class multi-channel solution that operationalizes social media engagement at scale, and is one of the few applications certified by Twitter as part of its new Certified Product Platform for social analytics and engagement. Respond uses the power of natural language processing to uncover cries for help, product suggestions, potential sales leads, and beyond. Our advanced business rules engine allows Attensity to rapidly adapt to your processes, even as those processes evolve and change.

Listen and Respond to Social Media Conversations

Attensity Respond is specifically designed to help agents listen and respond to relevant conversations across the Twitter API and 150M social and online sources, including Facebook, communities, review sites and blogs, in addition to handling internal channels for e-mail, sms, web forms,etc. Using our natural language processing approach, Respond goes beyond keywords to identify the content in a message using topics, categories and contained entities (person, company, product, geographic, issues).

Tweets Captured on Attensity Respond

Attensity provides a smarter working environment for agents with reminders, notes, tags and more to track information across tickets. Respond’s true ticketing and conversation threading is built for multi-channel communication, where agents can start a response on Twitter, move to a DM exchange, to email, and finally resolve the message publicly back on Twitter. Agents can send out automated responses with customizable templates. Supervisors use the compliance module to audit responses and keep track of what goes outbound. They can also set up review queues for training, escalations, alerts, or watch high priority queues. Performance management reports help managers evaluate metrics like time to resolution , number of messages handled per agent to better plan responses and establish SLAs/policies across channels. The analytics module helps organizations understand churn, net promoter scores, satisfaction numbers, top themes, complaints and more to strengthen relationships with their customers.

Queue from Attensity Respond

Key Capabilities
  • Workflow to segment conversations by content type: Products, Mentions, Asking for Recommendations, Issues, Sentiment, Channels, Churn and Marketing/VIP Programs
  • Multi-Tenancy with ability to reassign issues from one group to another seamlessly
  • Knowledgebase Access
  • Search tickets, knowledge, documents, customers
  • Ability to create a ticket and track interactions across multiple channels like email or SMS
  • Ability to connect to enterprise and specialty sources (connector framework)
  • Optional compliance module to ensure social responders adhere to corporate policies
  • Historical Reporting to compare changes in sentiment and trends over time
  • Multilingual in 43 languages, including Chinese and Arabic
  • Available hosted or installed, with interfaces for social media and sophisticated contact center teams
  • Automate up to 90% of the handling of all incoming social, e-mail and other communications with industry-leading accuracy to improve agent productivity and reduce operating costs
  • Customer satisfaction improvements as agents spend less time deleting irrelevant posts and engaging with customers
  • Identify churn conversations, take action to retain customers, and share why people are churning with colleagues and departments
  • Spot opportunities to win new business from customers frustrated with the competition’s products or services
  • Hotspotting – Find emerging issues in the field and fix them fast
  • Identify negative experiences during marketing events and engage with those customers to improve their experience and the company’s brand reputation
  • Automatic load balancing helps you deal with Twitter limits, high volumes, and more

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