Attensity Data Grid

Perform Advanced Text Analytics at Massive Scale

Unstructured customer data is growing at an unprecedented rate, fueled by the growth in social media and other customer feedback sources such as surveys, online communities, emails, and more. The ability to analyze and act quickly on this large-scale information is a key capability of the world’s leading brands.

Attensity’s Data Grid computing system enables enterprise organizations to analyze large-scale data sets at up to 180 times faster than standard relational queries and at 1/35th the input/output (I/O) of existing relational systems. Available now as part of Attensity Analyze, this massive-scale technology platform gives enterprise organizations the ability to rapidly transform millions of multi-channel customer conversations in emails, web forums, surveys, CRM notes, social media and more into actionable insights.

As a Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) Platform for executing queries issued by Attensity Analyze, the Attensity Data Grid combines hardware computing resources with software layered on top that coordinates work and administration of the grid. The Attensity Data Grid also operates as a Column Store solution where data is compressed, greatly decreasing both the I/O required to read data and the cost of storage.

Features and Benefits of the Attensity Data Grid:

  • Performance benefit of 10x over existing query performance based on query benchmarks
  • Ability to manage 5 to 50 times the data with 20 times less storage
  • Ability to add capacity and performance to your existing, running system out of the box
  • Continued ability to support RDBMS vendors (Teradata, Oracle, SQLServer) and standard database interfaces (JDBC, ODBC)
  • Time savings on queries to execute, equating to more user productivity
  • High-Scale Predictive Modeling: Indications of intent to churn, commit fraud, recommend products, or change purchasing behavior is hidden in unstructured data and can be found using Attensity Analyze. Attensity’s massive scale allows for improved identification of predictive indicators, found in years of cross-channel customer conversations.
  • Ability to design a grid for a personalized environment that conforms to the user’s performance, volume, and user requirements
  • Simultaneous loading and querying
  • Easy deployment and maintenance

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