Unstructured data exists across your organization and is typically located in everything from text documents to call center service notes. The need to understand and analyze this unstructured data is critical to identifying and correcting problems, conducting research, promptly acting on customer feedback and providing the best service to your customers. With Attensity, organizations don’t have to abandon existing technology investments or rebuild their technology infrastructure to leverage the value of Attensity’s applications, because Attensity’s Integration Tools enable you to maximize what you already have.

What Is Attensity Integration?

Attensity Integration provides an open platform for enabling organizations to leverage the power of Attensity’s offering within existing technology environments. Attensity Integration enables users to access and extend Attensity’s extraction technology using leading edge standards for data access and integration. Attensity offers a Java-API, a SDK (software development kit), Web Services (SOAP, WSDL), SMILA certified adapters and XML formats through the Integration module to enable rapid integration that is scalable, secure and flexible.

How Do I Leverage Attensity Integration In My Organization?

Organizations leverage Attensity within existing application environments, integrated into existing service, analytics and business intelligence workflows and as part of existing unstructured data analysis pipelines.

Attensity Integration enables architects, developers and IT staff to integrate leading-edge text extraction technology with existing applications or data extraction pipelines through a robust set of integration tools. They provide business users with access to Attensity’s leading semantic engines and applications in your IT environment of choice, on demand and through a web-based service.

The Attensity Integration offering is designed to enable a wide-range of integration requirements, from real-time integration of extracted text into an analysis pipeline, to feeding CRM applications with service content managed in Attensity’s content management system to providing your data warehouse with relational facts extracted from customer feedback. Through an easy-to-use Integration module and a published API, integration is made easy.


  • Connect Attensity’s applications into an existing or new application pipeline, allowing you to leverage your current investments and get the power of Attensity without having to give-up or bear the expense of changing any of the capabilities you already have
  • Leverage Attensity’s applications in your existing business processes:
    • Business intelligence and analytics – for analysis of existing structured data in combination with unstructured data
    • CRM – as part of your current customer interaction processes and data flows
    • Research – within your current research environment on your existing data

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