Text Analytics, The Attensity Semantic Annotation Server

At the heart of Attensity’s applications are our industry-leading unstructured data extraction and transformation technologies. With 7 patents in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and another 2 patents in Data Ingestion, our applications are backed by the market’s most sophisticated and powerful abilities to understand conversations in real-time.

Our text analytics technologies use patented, state-of-art semantic approaches to extract and recall information previously hidden in free-form text, turning it into valuable insights that can be used by all types of business users. Fusing unstructured and structured data provides enterprises with a holistic picture of all of their data, allowing users — for the first time — to transform their unstructured customer data into a business asset that they can now use to make more informed business decisions.

Attensity’s Semantic Annotation Server, a light-weight, REST API enabled NLP engine, acts as the hub within our applications. It consist of the world’s leading text analytics technologies that enable us to provide deep insights and understand of text, which not only enables users to find the proverbial “needle-in-the-haystack,” but also provides users with a view of who did what to whom, when, where, how, why and under what conditions.  We do this without a lot of pre-work or set-up, it is just a natural part of the way our Semantic Annotation Server works.

The Semantic Annotation Server includes the following engines:


  • Widest and deepest offering for management and analysis of unstructured data
  • The right engine, for the right business application, at the right time
  • Little set-up required, automated tuning and configuration tools provided
  • Patented NLP technology that allows for discovery and analysis of unstructured data

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