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The world’s most accurate, relevant insights from text

The great majority of today’s data analytics systems are designed to help you analyze structured data about your business. Names. Dates. Revenue numbers. Churn rates. Yet, more than 80% of enterprise data is unstructured, and most companies have no way of knowing about the opportunities and risks that remain hidden in text-based data.

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Any Text. Anywhere

Get text data from millions of public and private sources

Attensity is much more than a social listening platform or data visualization tool. Developed over decades to handle complex, high-value challenges at massive scale, Attensity takes in unstructured text from millions of both public and private sources like emails, CRM notes, survey responses, social media, text messages, web sites, blogs and many, many others. Across multiple channels, in over a dozen languages. More sources means you get the complete picture, instead of a partial view. With Attensity, we don’t just rely on the direct feedback your customers are giving you. We give you a window into the things your customers are saying about you, that you never thought to ask.


The Natural Language Experts

Industry leading accuracy for best-in-class results

Of course, more data is not always better. As we ingest massive volumes of data, Attensity’s customer intelligence platform uses the world’s most advanced text analytics engine to “annotate” it. That means we organize and enrich it, identifying and categorizing key reference points and indicators of customer behavior, including:

  • Entities: People, places, things, locations, dates and times
  • Events: What happened? What triggered it?
  • Roles and Relationships: Who is involved, and how?
  • Context: Suggestions, questions, sentiment, commands, requests, intent and response
  • Relevance: Which of these insights are relevant to my business?

With Attensity, you don’t have to sift through hashtags or figure out the right keywords to get answers. You can detect the emerging trends and patterns you didn’t even know were there.


Dynamic Discovery

Get early warning of emerging opportunities and risks.

Understanding the context and relevance of a single tweet or comment requires knowledge of the specific ways people talk about a given problem or opportunity. That language can vary widely from industry to industry. A comment such as “explosive” in one industry may be negative in another. Working for years with some of the world’s leading brands, Attensity has developed advanced categorization and linguistic models for many vertical industries and use cases, including:

  • Banking
  • Consumer electronics
  • eCommerce
  • Financial services
  • Hospitality
  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • and many more.

These “quick-start” models help our customers get up and running faster at lower cost with their customer intelligence solutions, and deliver greater return on investment.


Intuitive Analytics

Easy, out of the box dashboards and visualizations

Once your text has been annotated, it is ready for analysis. The Attensity Analyze solution provides powerful drag and drop analytics and visualization tools out of the box you can use to get fast insights into your text data. You can even create your own reports and dashboards using our step by step wizards, and customize views to your own preferences. If you already use a third-party analytics or business intelligence tool, you can leverage Attensity’s Semantic Annotation solution to combine the text data into your existing visualizations.

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